Twizzlers Candy Flavor

Halloween is coming up, so let’s talk about the flavors available to you in Twizzlers candy.  Twizzlers are a licorice candy made by Hershey’s.  They were originally made by a licorice company named National Licorice Company – created in 1902.  This company eventually merged with Hershey’s, putting Twizzlers out under their name.

Licorice is not everyone’s favorite candy.  It has a very distinctive flavor that only appeals to some people.  It is very chewy.  The black colored Twizzler is the only true licorice flavor, and many would describe it as very bitter tasting, as licorice is an anise-flavored candy.

With all that said, twizzlers flavors include 1.) strawberry 2.) cherry 3.) true black licorice, and 4.)chocolate flavor.

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