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Recipes for thanksgiving potatoes!

Recipes for Thanksgiving are one of the most sought after family traditions. More and more families have very old holiday recipes that they pass down from generation to generation. However, not every family has this benefit of old recipes that they can follow for a great family dinner.

So what can you do to make your Thanksgiving dinner a success? One of the best things to make for the special night are side dishes. A side dish can often times make or break your Turkey dinner! One sure bet, however, is a plate of garlic mashed potatoes to pass around the table. This vegetable is simple enough to make too, all you need are some potatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, and some butter.

How to make garlic potatoes:
Boil your with a few cloves of garlic in the water until the potatoes are soft, they put the potatoes and the garlic in a large bow. Let them cool a minute. Next grab some butter, salt, and pepper to taste! And mash them until you get the texture that you like.

Some people love “chunky” mashed while other prefer the smooth texture better. Whatever you decide garlic mashed potatoes is a great recipe for Thanksgiving that are simple and can make your dinner a success.

Classic popular spices!

Spices have been used by people for thousands of years and are widely known to enhance the flavor of whichever food you choose to mix the spice into. The flavor that the food will take will be the flavor of the spice that you decide to put into your meal.

Some popular classic spices are listed below some of which can be used to a dinner preparation while others might be better used in a dessert.

Chili Powder
Ground Cinnamon
Curry Powder
Garlic Salt
Italian Seasoning
Onion Salt
Ground Turmeric
Crushed Red Pepper

Some people choose to use spices in other manner too! For instance, cinnamon, can be sprinkled in small amounts into your morning coffee grounds so that you get the extra kick of spice! This is especially a nice treat during the holidays as it can bring a holiday flavor to you life!


What is a brine?
Can you brine shrimp?
Can you brine chicken?

A brine recipe is a solution of water and salt that (your) particular piece of food product soaks in to make the food more moist and more flavorful. The longer the piece of meat soaks in the brine the greater the flavor and moist level will be.
The basic setup for a brine is water and salt. Place your piece of meat in a large bowl with water that has been salted, making sure the meat in completely submerged in the water and that you are using a large bowl. The salt in the brine: usually starting at 1/4 of salt, but this usually takes practice to achieve the flavor you want. The most common piece of meat people soak in a brine is chicken or turkey, making sure that when you do brine a piece of meat that it stays in the refrigerator during the brine process or else you risk bacteria. Once you get the hang of making a brine for your favorite cuts you will love the possibilities, flavor, and moistness of the meat you brine. Once you master the plain old water and slat brine, which is great by itself, you can explore endless possibilities of adding different herbs to the brine.

You can brine shrimp, you can brine chicken, you can brine turkey, you can brine beef! The list goes on and on! I suggest looking up a recipe for your particular piece of meat to see the different possibilities of the brine and the extras you can add to the brine. Just remember, add water, enough salt to help lock in the moisture, and always keep the brine in the refrigerator.