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Fennel Flavor

Fennel is an herb with strongly flavored seeds, leaves, and body. Dried fennel seed is a popular spice used in cooking, and has a flavor that is similar to anise flavor, but not as strong – you will find it in the spice rack of your supermarket. Fennel leaves closely resemble dill leaves – they are thin, green, and feathery. The fennel bulb is also used in cooking as a vegetable, particularly in Italian food. Many supermarkets do sell fennel the vegetable – look in the fresh vegetable section for something that slightly resembles celery stalks but has a huge bulb, and leaves that look like dill. When cooked, fennel has a subtle licorice flavor which is surprisingly satisfying, and appealing to those who do not like strongly flavored vegetables. It is a light vegetable, so be sure you have something else to eat that is very filling. You will not eat the stalks, just the bulbs; you can however save the stalks to flavor soups, and the leaves to flavor fish.