Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor list April

This is a new updated list of the Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavors that are rotational and will be available starting with the month of April 2011.

April Rotational Flavors

Butter Crunch – Brown Rim
Tasty vanilla ice cream loaded with chunks of crunchy chocolate peanut butter candy.

Cake and Ice Cream – Gold Rim
A creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate-coated cake pieces and a swirl of luscious chocolate icing.

Caramel Turtle Fudge – Brown Rim
Rich caramel ice cream containing luscious chocolate turtles with caramel centers, pecan pieces, and swirls of milk chocolate and caramel sauces.

Chocolate Chip – Gold Rim
Creamy vanilla ice cream with tasty, semi-sweet chocolate chips.

**Fudge Brownie Nut – Gold Rim
Dark chocolate ice cream with chewy fudge brownie pieces and tasty pecans, almonds and walnuts.

**Homemade in the Shade – Gold Rim
Our top-selling Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream combined with a swirl of rich, chocolate fudge sauce.

**Nutty Chocolate – Brown Rim
A rich chocolate ice cream loaded with milk chocolate-coated pecans, dark chocolate-coated peanuts, white chocolate-coated almonds and roasted walnuts.

**Peaches & Homemade Vanilla – Gold Rim
A mouth-watering combination of juicy, ripe peaches and our famous Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

**Pineapples & Homemade Vanilla – Gold Rim
Our popular Homemade Vanilla ice cream mixed with juicy chunks of sweetened pineapple.

**Southern Blackberry Cobbler – Brown Rim
Creamy ice cream with a luscious blackberry flavor combined with flaky pie crust pieces and a blackberry sauce swirl.

We make our rotational flavors for three months. Rotational flavors marked with an asterisk (**) are in their introductory month.

Credit: (This information is directly from the Blue Bell Ice Cream official site.)

7 thoughts on “Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor list April”

  1. I have bought blue bell ice cream in Texas for many years, was very
    disappointed when I came to Arizona in 2000 and no Blue Bell ice
    cream. I called Brenham and pleaded with marketing to bring Blue Bell to Arizona. I was so thrilled when that came to pass. Thank you.
    Homemade vanilla is my favorite. The pineapple and homemade vanilla is wonderful. Please make available to more stores.

  2. I am going to open an ice cream business in North Las Vegas. I am from Texas and know Blue Bell ice cream. I would like to know if I could carry Blue Bell in Las Vegas.

  3. March 24, 2014. On this date I was checking the web for new flavors, and to my surprise, I saw my name on a message I wrote
    in June of 2011. I still promote Blue Bell to anyone who will listen.
    The Homemade Vanilla is “number one” in Ice Cream. It reminds
    me of the ice cream we made in the hand cranked ice cream freezer on the farm under the old oak tree. The blackberry cobbler is also
    very good–just wish it was available all the time. Thanks
    under the old oak tree.

  4. March 25, 2014. As I was checking your website for new BlueBell
    flavors, I happened to see my name regarding a 2011 note to you.
    What a surprise!! So happy Blue Bell is still here! The Homemade
    vanilla is still “THE BEST VANILLA BRAND ICE CREAM”. It reminds
    me of the days living on the farm, making ice cream in a cranktype
    freezer, (with rock salt, and ice cubes) out under the “old oak tree.
    I still recommend Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla to any one who will
    listen. Thanks for getting it in Arizona! Blackberry Cobbler is also
    excellent, would like to see it more often.

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