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Ketchup Flavors

ketchupTraditionally ketchup is made from one flavor ingredient and that is tomatoes. Tomatoes have been the classic ingredient for the beloved condiment since even the 1800’s when Mr. Heinz introduced his famous ketchup recipe. Since then Heinz has perfected his company into a worldwide brand expanding and pushing the flavor boundaries of the condiment world. Today much research from the original Mr. Heinz ketchup has gone into “hybrid” tomatoes that are more resistant to disease and that carry more flavor.

So what happens if you are looking for a different taste to the Old Ketchup recipe? Well you might be in luck! Here are a few different varieties and flavors that you might find available at your local grocery store the next time you are shopping for the picnic or holiday weekend; all varieties of ketchup listed are from Heinz and is not intended to be a comprehensive list.

Ketchup Flavor List
Heinz® Ketchup Blended With Balsamic Vinegar
Heinz® Reduced Sugar Ketchup
Heinz® No Salt Tomato Ketchup
Heinz® Hot & Spicy Ketchup
Heinz® Organic Ketchup
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