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Biodegradable K Cup Stock Costco Warehouse

If you are like many coffee drinkers these days a fast world has put you in a position to make a fast cup of coffee and so today you are probably a Keurig owner, however, if you do own the coffee maker you are more than likely looking for a Biodegradable K Cup to take the place of the current pods you are using now. Why?

Despite being named “Fastest Growing Company” by Fortune magazine for the sixth year in a row, Green Mountain (the makers of the popular coffee maker), are also responsible for a trend that is setting the earth-savy – earth loving – eco hip – culture on a spirited push to raise awareness for how “wasteful” the popular k cups really are to the environment, read more about that k cup waste here.

Where can you buy Biodegradable K Cups? Costco!
san francisco k cups

While shopping at Costco we found that the warehouse does have a stock of San Francisco Bay brand k cups. That means you can use the pods and they are 97% made biodegradable.
recycle k cups

Meaning that if you try to recycle, or try to otherwise dispose of the trash created from the coffee pod it does shave bio-degradable properties, in fact, you can then choose to recycle the spent grounds either back into your potting soil and dirt and contribute even more to your eco-friendly lifestyle.eco cup
As you can see here the eco pods do not have the complete plastic “cupping” that holds most other brands coffee grounds. Instead the San Francisco Bay have the filter and nothing more! To hold the filter in place there is a “corn ring” secured to the main part of the cup.

Even the bag that you get the coffee in is earth friendly!
San Francisco Bay OneCup, Fog Chaser, 80 Single Serve Coffees

How much do the K Cups cost?
Well, for 80 pods at Costco we paid right at $25 making it about .31 cents per cup of freshly brewed coffee!