Sherbet flavors list

Some of the most popular and most common sherbet flavors are not found in as many ice cream brands as they are found in sherbet mixes. The most common of the flavors of the frozen desert treat are lime and orange. However don’t be surprised to find flavors ranging from strawberry, raspberry, to lemon and even tropical flavors such as pineapple.

Is sherbet ice cream?
Well, the dictionary defines sherbet as:

“A frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice, sugar, and water, and also containing milk, egg white, or gelatin”

So technically it is a relative of ice cream and not really a “true” ice cream in the traditional sense of the dairy desert.

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  1. The meaning of the phrase “ice cream” varies from one country to another. Phrases such as “frozen custard”, “frozen yogurt”, “sorbet”, “gelato” and others are used to distinguish different varieties and styles. In some countries, such as the United States, the phrase “ice cream” applies only to a specific variety, and most governments regulate the commercial use of the various terms according to the relative quantities of the main ingredients.

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