Krazy-Kookie Dough

Looking for Krazy Kookie dough Blue Bell Ice Cream? Well, you might just be inkrazy kookie dough blue bell luck! Next time you drop by the grocery store check the pint sized servings for this cookie dough flavored ice cream.

The best information that I could gather on Krazy Kookie dough is that it is only offered in pint sizes. Even though there might be half gallon sizes available if you cannot find the larger size try checking the smaller sizes to get your ice cream fix!

Blue Bell- “Krazy Kookie Dough Pints: Our flavorful Cake Batter Ice Cream loaded with sugar cookie dough pieces in bright shades of green, blue and pink.”

9 thoughts on “Krazy-Kookie Dough”

  1. I must try it!! Where do they sell it? I just saw pictures of it on a different blog with blue and pink type ice cream mixed with white.

  2. it is so amazingly delicous I live in houston, texas and found it at CVS. Unfortunately I havent found it since. HELP!

  3. I found this ice cream at walgreens in the pint size…LOVE IT! does it come in a half gallon? I wanna get some for my sons birthday party.

  4. This ice cream is AMAZING. I am not even an ice cream fan, but I must say this is great. Unfortnately I can’t find it and I would soo buy it by the gallons if I could.

  5. Had it for the first time last week in a little back-woods town in Florida. I live in Dallas and have not been able to locate it anywhere. Anyone, please, I’m begging you, where????

  6. Most CVS’ have it in stock… try a couple of different CVS and you’re guarnteed to find it somewhere :-) I have also read that Quiktrip’s carry it.

  7. OMG! Yes! Last weekend, I drove 45 mtniues to a birthday party, then took them to lunch (since we were out of town), got ice cream, walked through fun shops, played at the play area and drove 45 mtniues home. They seriously wanted to play a game with me after I flopped on the couch. I told them being a fun mom is tiring and I needed a rest. Why I felt like the worst mom ever for saying that, I’m not sure.

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