Japan foods, are they safe?

Concerning the nuclear problems in Japan many people in the United States are concerened if the foods being imported from Japan are safe to eat and/or free from radiation.

The FDA.GOV has information about your concern and you can find it here… this is a piece of what they have said in one statement.

All milk and milk products and vegetables and fruits produced or manufactured from the four Japanese prefectures of Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma will be detained upon entry into the United States. They will not be allowed to enter the U.S. food supply, unless shown to be free from radionuclide contamination, with the exception of the specific products restricted by the Government of Japan. Those products will be refused admission into the US.

Other food products from this area, including seafood, although not subject to the Import Alert, will be diverted for testing by FDA before they can enter the food supply. FDA will also be monitoring and testing food products, including seafood, from other areas of Japan as appropriate. – FDA.GOV

You should read carefully what the FDA has to say about the issue by visiting the website. They also answer the question that many people are asking… what kind of products come from Japan? … This is what they say…

Imports from Japan include human and animal foods, medical devices and radiation emitting products, cosmetics, animal and human drugs and biologics, dietary supplements, and animal feeds. Foods imported from Japan make up less than 4 percent of foods imported from all sources. (Food products from Canada and Mexico each make up about 29 percent of all imported foods.) Almost 60 percent of all products imported from Japan are foods. The most common food products imported include seafood, snack foods and processed fruits and vegetables. – FDA.GOV

Here are SOME examples of products that Hong Kong is taking action upon…

milk, beverages, milk powder, fruits, vegetables, game, meat, poultry, eggs and aquatic products –reuters

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