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Baconnaise – Mayonaise that tastes like Bacon!

Should everything taste like bacon? How do you feel about bacon-flavored mayonnaise? Meat lovers rejoice because this one’s for you!
J&Ds has a line of “spreads” called “Baconnaise” – which is essentially bacon-flavored mayonnaise – it comes in regular and lite flavors. It is a bacon-flavored spread that goes on anything from vegetables to sandwiches. Those who have tried it say it turns a sandwich without bacon into a sandwich tasting like it has bacon.

But you don’t have to try and find this particular brand to experience the flavor yourself – you can get a similar effect by making your own batch – many people do it by using bacon fat in their homemade mayonnaise recipe…the end result is similar – a bacon-flavored mayonnaise that tastes great on burgers, hot dogs, and veggies!

Here are some other ideas you can do to flavor mayonnaise.

Any of these flavors can be achieved by simply mixing the ingredient in with the mayo prior to spreading on your food…

  • Chipotle Mayonnaise
  • Citrus-flavored Mayo
  • Capered Mayonnaise
  • Wasabi Mayonnaise
  • Fresh Herb Mayonnaise
  • Paremesan / Pepper Mayonnaise
  • Pickle-Flavor Mayonnaise – chop a dilled pickle and mix in – people say it tastes great!!

Flavored Cream Cheese

Who doesn’t like cream cheese? But, it is even better if it is flavored cream cheese! Flavored cream cheese can be spread on bagels or toast just like regular cream cheese. You can either purchase it pre-made or make it yourself. If you want to purchase it, your main supermarket will most likely carry some “basic” flavors right next to the plain flavor – Philadelphia Cream Cheese is always a good brand to go with. Gourmet and natural food stores will also carry more exotic flavors.

The main flavors that Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese carries include:
Garden Vegetable
Chives & Onion

Make your own Flavored Cream Cheese

Making your own flavored cream cheese is good because it is alot cheaper than buying it pre-made.If you want to make it yourself, you will need plain cream cheese as well as whatever you are going to flavor it with. Some flavors you might consider that are very tasty include:
roasted red pepper
spinach dip
sun-dried tomatoes

In order to make it, just soften the plain cream cheese, and mix in your flavor of choice until the taste is how you like it. Sometimes it’s also nice to add a little bit of parmesan cheese or salt.