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Ice Cream Flavor

Ice cream flavors are all over the place, you will find that flavors are really up to the imagination of the producer. The classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate are the most common to find in stores but don’t be surprised to find others that stretch the taste buds beyond the normal of flavors. Ice Cream flavors such as pumpkin sound weird but really go pretty good together with the right brand. The famous marshmallow and chocolate is an acquired taste but nevertheless has a huge following.

But sometimes what really matters is how the brand adds the flavor to the ice cream. Are the ingredients artificial flavors or natural flavors? Are they fresh or are the ingredients older and cheaper?

To get a better idea of the ingredients next time you buy a quart of ice cream look at the ingredients on the container. Some will clearly indicate that there are “no artificial flavors” while other will let you know directly that there are artificial flavorings. Even if you pick up a brand that indicates “All Natural” be sure to look at that ingredient list to verify that indeed it is a natural product.