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Oatmeal vs Malt-o-Meal

The main differences in Oatmeal and Malt-o-Meal are texture and flavor. Oatmeal is a bit heavier than when eating Malt-o-Meal, and it seems to stick around in your stomach longer. After you eat Malt-o-Meal you will be hungry earlier than if you were have eaten classic oatmeal.

Malt-o-Meal has a finer flavor, the texture is also finer. Tasting Malt-o-Meal you will get different flavors than with Oatmeal, it kind of hard to describe but when you eat classic oatmeal it’s pretty obvious you are eating a bowl of oats. This is not so true with Malt-o-Meal! Malt-o-Meal gives you a tiny hint of flavoring even when you don’t make the “flavored” type that they sell of the product.

For breakfast I think the best thing to do is rotate between Oatmeal and Malt-o-Meal every few days if you are eating it consistently, especially in the winter. I find that I prefer the Oatmeal more often and use the Malt-o-Meal as kind of the special “treat” every few days to break up the routine. Whichever breakfast you choose you are sure to enjoy it in the winter!