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Flavored pumpkin foods for halloween

Halloween is almost here!  You see all the pumpkins in the store and want to buy them, but besides carving them, what can  you do with pumpkins?  Well, there are a number of foods that can be flavored with pumpkin to make tasty halloween treats.  So, in honor of the October season, here are some pumpkin flavored foods for you to try…starting with:

Pumpkin beer or Pumpkin Ale – a favorite halloween flavor, pumpkin beer comes around in droves once a year in October.  Depending on the beer quality, it can range from tasting like pumpkin pie to just faintly hinting of pumpkin.

Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin soup actually has a very pleasant flavor that is good for all of fall.  Made with coriander, chicken broth, curry powder, heavy cream, and of course pumpkin – the smooth-tasting soup is a favorite of many.

Pumpkin Pie – need I say more?  Pumpkin pie flavor cannot be beat – it is mild and subtly sweet.  With a dollop of whip cream, you can’t beat it.

Pumpkin Bread – Leftover pumpkin goes great when baked into a loaf.  The bread turns out moist and spicy and is a healthy-flavorful treat.

Pumpkin Pancakes – Made like regular pancakes but with pumpkin spice and puree, this morning treat has a mild flavor you’ll love.

Pumpkin Doughnuts – MMMMmmmmm…..

Pumpkin Marmalade – Marmalade isn’t for everyone, and certainly the kind flavored with this squash isn’t, but if you want to try something a bit different, try making some marmalade with your leftovers…makes for a great holiday snack.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese – You’ll start to see it in stores…the flavor of the cream cheese mixed with the squash is delicious.