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FlavorIce Flavors of Summer!

Summer is coming! And with that, you’ll need to know what flavors of Fla-Vor-Ice you’ll want lined up inside your freezer! Most of the time when you buy the bags, you’ll get an assortment of flavors, but it’s often hard to tell what exactly they are…so here’s a list of what you might find inside your next box!

What is FlavorIce?  Flavorice is flavored liquid (frozen treat) that comes in a plastic tube. These “frozen pops” are a FAVORITE of kids, and is a great way to cool off in summer.  You stick the tubes in your freezer where they freeze.  When a hot day comes, you pull it out, cut off a corner of the plastic tube, and suck out the frozen liquid inside! It’s a refreshing and tasty way to cool off on a hot summer day and has been for 35 years!!

What flavors are available in Flavor Ice Tubes?

The main Original flavors (if you want to stick with the classic)…they are sometimes called the “Fruity” flavors (if you’re trying to find them in the store). They are:
1.  Lemon Lime (this will be the green tube, and is often a favorite!)
2. Orange (the Orange tube)
3. Berry Punch (the blue tube – everyone likes this one becuase it turns the tongue blue!)
4. Grape (the purple tube)
5. Tropical Punch (the pink tube)
6. Strawberry (the red tube – a kid favorite!)

Other varieties of Fa-For-Ice include:

Light Flavors – These are in the Sugar Free line, and include Lemon Lime, Strawberry, Berry Punch, and Grape.

Candy Shoppe Flavors – There are four varieties of “candy” that include bubble gum, banana taffy, cotton candy, and red licorice.

Tropical Flavors – There are 6 choices in this line including Summer Punch, Pineapple, Berry Punch, Banana, Tropical Punch, and Citrus Punch.

Here’s a classic 1992 commercial for the frozen treat!  Motto:  We Freeze Please!